how rain can be a buyer's best friend

Searching for a home can be quite an adventure. Discovering the home of your dreams can take a toll on your schedule. It means searching for homes even when you don’t want to, such as days when the weather is not agreeable. Although rain is considered miserable weather, it can be a home buyer’s best friend. There are certain things in a home that can be noticed clearer when it’s raining. Here are the things to look for when you’re searching for homes in the rain.

Are there any leaks from the roof?

When it rains you can notice if the roof leaks. Check the rooms upstairs and notice if you see any stains on the ceiling. Sometimes you’ll even notice drips and catch the leak in the process. Don’t see any leaks? How about the attic?

Is it a wet basement?

You’ll see if the basement is a wet basement, meaning rainwater collects there. Checking out basements when it’s raining can show you puddles, trails of water, and even a pool. I’ve even seen a flood when showing a home after it had been raining for a few days. Needless to say the buyer was glad to have seen the house during the rain. Sometimes houses have a tendency to be wet because of their age and where they’ve been built. Usually these houses will have a sump pump in the basement. Make sure it’s in working order.

Is the ground wet?

In certain areas the grounds around a home may be susceptible to rain. Check the backyard and around the home to see if there are puddles around. Often they are noticeable.

Read the property disclosures to see if there is a history of water with the home. Don’t rule out homes with minor water conditions, such as wet basements. Roofs can be replaced and leaks can be fixed.

So the next time you’re searching for a home, don’t let the rain slow you down. It can give you vital information you need to buy the home of your dreams. And don’t forget your rain boots!