Avoiding the spring rush in real estate

If you’re thinking of waiting until spring to list or buy your home, here are a few reasons to consider avoiding the peak season of real estate.

Motivated buyers

Motivated buyers are looking now. These buyers are committed and often less particular as to which homes are available. Their wish list can dramatically change; things they thought they wanted or needed will be off their list, and they are likely to buy now instead of waiting for the “perfect home”.

Listings stand out

If sellers are waiting for the spring, their listings may get lost in the shuffle. There so many homes coming on the market, your home will have less of a chance to sell in a timely matter. When this happens buyers see the constant flow of new listings, which will influence their timeline. They will not commit if they know something new will appear tomorrow.

For buyers, this can work in the same advantage–sellers are also motivated and will be more likely to negotiate. A buyer’s offer is more likely to be considered; it will stand out.

Another great reason to avoid the rush is real estate services, such as inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, and mortgage lenders are more available, deals work swiftly and in a more timely matter.

Avoiding the rush of spring can benefit you. You can always start your search or list your home now to stay ahead of the game, and test the waters. Spring is just around the corner.