There isn’t a better time than spring to give your home some serious cleaning.

Many individuals wait for spring to refresh their homes after the winter doldrums. Spring offers a fresh new perspective for people and their surroundings. Historically, spring is the time remove bad energy, and give your home a sense of renewal.  Make spring cleaning simpler with these simple, different ideas.

First start with organizing your rooms. Tote a bucket from room to room for easier cleaning. It’s also a good time to condense your wardrobe and organize closets.

Create a list. There’s one thing incredibly satisfying about checking a job off your list after you’ve finished it, so start a home cleaning checklist. It’s a perfect way to track your spring cleaning and monitor results. Plus it helps you focus to avoid wasting time on pointless tasks.

Spring cleaning is all too often associated with just the interior of our properties. Consider cleaning the exterior as well. Take a hose out to exterior windows, or power wash your siding. In addition to routine cleaning duties, such as cleaning the tub and sinks, use your spring cleaning time to take down and mud lighting fixtures and dust vents.

Remove clutter. One of many biggest elements of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that you don’t need. Donate what you can and throw away the rest.

Here are some places to donate: